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The Mourning Islands

Combat veteran Talmon Bonnett holds his PTSD at bay. A couple hire him to spy on Rusty Wing who is building the Mourning Island’s resort. Talmon gets entangled with Rusty’s tense fiancée Claire, his sinister Cuban first mate Santos, Marlene, Rusty’s alluring sister, and two Cuban mobster brothers.

The Mourning Islands

How We End Up

The novel follows the three of them through twenty-five years, during which Jackson’s, Hadley’s, and Haley’s recklessness in sex, love, marriage, and life produce wild and horrific results. They struggle to transcend their misfortunes and realize their destinies.

The Secrets of All Secrets

This road trip may call to mind other road narratives of the era, from John Barth to Tom Robbins to Ken Kesey Wells’ prose is sprightly, wry, always on the lookout for the ironic As we move up and down the highway, Wells takes full advantage of the inherent, deep-seated weirdness that is north Florida. Yet his eye is on the farther horizons, toward a larger view of America